Why should you get started with Healthy Communities Consulting?

Because our clients have been awarded $218 million in 10 years

Please see our results page for more information

Because you’ll only work with our highly-experienced principals

  • Most consultants hire unqualified “outside” writers who come and go.
  • Many internal grant writers quit within 2 years.
  • We’ve worked with many of our clients for over 8 years.

Because we make grant writing cheaper and easier for you

  • We do all the heavy lifting—from writing to free submissions.
  • Our clients always appreciate our responsive and friendly services. We get you drafts a week in advance and are always available for consultations.

Because we’ve increased our clients’ budgets by over 50%

Large-budget agencies:

  • Client A: 31 awardsfor $31.4 million (m); client’s annualbudgetincreased50% (from $9m to $13m)
  • Client B: 18 awardsfor $16.4m; budget increased70% (from $15m to $26m)
  • Client C: 26 awardsfor $33.2m; budget increased40% (from $23m to $32m)

Medium-budget agencies:

  • Client D: 24 awardsfor $10.3m; budget increased33% (from $2.9m to $4.2m)
  • Client E: 9 awardsfor $11.1m; budget increased20% (from $3.5m to $4.2m)
  • Client F: 11 awardsfor $10.6m; budget increased75% (from $3.9m to $6.9m)

Small-budget agencies:

  • Client G: 19 awardsfor $9.7m; budget increased250% (from $760k to $2.9m)
  • Client H: 6 awardsfor $4.3m; budget increased100% (from $810k to $1.6m)